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St. Goar Flieden, Fulda, Hesse

Heil Marriage Records from St. Goar, Flieden, Fulda, Hesse (1724-1754)

If you’re a descendent of the Heil family, or of somebody who married into the Heil family in the Fulda district, these marriage records might help in your research. All of these records can be found in the church books of St. Goar in Flieden. In these books you’ll also find further baptisms, marriages, and deaths not mentioned in this post.

Jacob Eifert and Family

New Photos of Jacob Eifert’s Family

About a month ago, I received an email from somebody who had stumbled upon this website when she searched on Google for “Jacob Eifert.” She’d seen the name on the back of an old photograph she’d found when cleaning out the storage locker of a recently departed family member.

Victor Eifert & General Sherman’s March to the Sea

As is so often the case with ancestors, I don’t have letters or other artifacts to confirm Victor Eifert’s exact location at various times. However, I think there is enough circumstantial evidence to confirm that Victor did join the Union forces after the siege of Atlanta. With this and information from other sources, I hope to paint a picture of what his life may have been like during this time.

Joseph Eifert's home in Mercer County Ohio Around 1905

Joseph Eifert

Joseph Eifert was the son of Michael Eifert, a German immigrant. He was born in Knox County, Ohio and died in Mercer County, Ohio. He married Sophia Weis and was the father of eight children.

Sylvester Victor Eifert

The son of Joseph Eifert and Sophia Weis Eifert, Sylvester Victor Eifert was born in St. Joseph, Ohio. He was a long-time organist at St. Aloysius Catholic Church in Covington, Kentucky.

Eifert History in St. Joseph, Mercer County, Ohio

Around 1860, Michael Eifert and his sons, Joseph and Victor, purchased land in Mercer County, Ohio. They were part of a large westward movement of German immigrants likely seeking better land, freedom from anti-Catholicism and the ability to give their children a Catholic education.

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