About a month ago, I received an email from somebody who had stumbled upon this website when she searched on Google for “Jacob Eifert.” She’d seen the name on the back of an old photograph she’d found when cleaning out the storage locker of a recently departed family member.

Jacob Eifert was one of Joseph Eifert’s sons. He was born 26 August 1874 in Saint Joseph, Mercer County, Ohio. Joseph married Elizabeth K. Steinbrunner and had 8 children:

  • Roman J. Eifert, born 1901
  • Joseph Eifert, born 1902
  • Leo Eifert, born 1902
  • Victor Eifert, born 1906
  • William Eifert, born 1908
  • Marcella Eifert, born 1909
  • Agnes Eifert, born 1911
  • Ferdinand Eifert, born 1915

While some of these photos have faces I recognize, I’ll need help figuring out who some of the others are. Here are a few of the photos in this collection.

Jacob Eifert’s Family Photo

This family photo pictures Jacob Eifert and his wife Elizabeth and their children. Front row: Jacob, Ferdinand, Elizabeth. Back row: Victor, Marcella, Joseph, Roman, Agnes, Leo

Joseph Eifert Photos

Based on the above picture, My guess is that this photo is of Joseph Eifert and his family. He married Elizabeth Klausing in the Detroit area.

This is a wedding photo of Joseph Eifert. Seated is his wife, Elizabeth K. Klausing. The male on the right is Ferdinand Eifert, and the female on the left is Marcella Eifert (later Marcella Dorsten). The photo was taken in Detroit, Michigan.

And here is a photo of Joseph himself:

An Unknown Couple

The following photos, also unmarked, appear to be of the same husband and wife. The third photo is of the wife alone. These are most likely either members of the Eifert or Dorsten family. I haven’t figured out who they are yet. Their clothing suggest these photos were takin in the late 1890s.

Unknown couple from the 1800s, probably an Eifert or Dorsten
Unknown couple from the 1890s, probably an Eifert or Dorsten
This appears to be the same couple as above, but perhaps a couple years later. Note that the man appears to have some kind of brace on his right leg.
Unknown woman in the 1800s, probably either an Eifert or Dorsten

Other Unmarked Photos

Here are a few other photographs with no names associated.

Photo of an unknown man in the 1800s, probably an Eifert or Dorsten
Photo of an unknown priest, probably an Eifert or Dorsten
Unknown couple, likely either Eifert or Dorsten

Have a Hint? Let Me Know

If you think you might know some of the people in these photos, contact me and let me know!